You will not get an amazing, wonderful, high feeling when you use CBD oil. There’s no THC in it, CBD oil doesn’t work that way. We naturally have cbd receptors in our bodies. Once assimilated into our system, CBD does it’s balancing, calming, pain relief and neurological healing systemically.

So….as you begin this surprising journey, note what you’re symptoms are. For instance, pain, migraines, depression, inflammation, anxiety, arthritis, insomnia & muscle aches. Those things are why you’re reading this.

Then, after 3 or 4 weeks, you can start to notice and appreciate what you’re NOT feeling.

Yay! That’s my experience. Fibromyalgia has faded into the background of my life. It’s no longer right there in my face everyday. I also don’t have to be proactive about having colitis anymore. I still have the prescription my doctor gave me for it, but I haven’t needed it since using CBD oil.

Lastly, for me, the threat of a migraine would put me on high alert. Those of you who have migraines know what I mean. It was just too big of an ordeal to go through, so I always had my prescription for migraines with me. I’ll be honest, I still have that prescription in my purse, but I can also honestly say I haven’t needed to use it since I started using Products by Mahoney Ltd. CBD oil.

You’ll know it’s working when you STOP feeling the way you used to. That’s real results.

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