How Do I Use CBD Products? Use CBD effectively.

It only makes sense that there should be a guide for new CBD users. It’s just recently been legalized all over the USA & most people haven’t really considered it as an option before. When the USDA approved CBD for use with children having certain types of epilepsy, people started sitting up, leaning forward and paying attention to this discovery.

Neurological healing? Pain relief? Acne? Migraines? Yes, and now it’s available without a prescription. It’s important to know how to use CBD products to use CBD effectively.

CBD Infused Tinctures

The rule of thumb is to always start low and increase slowly until you achieve the desired effects. The tincture should be taken under your tongue, allowing it to be absorbed sublingually, for about 30 seconds. We suggest taking Mahoney Limited CBD Tincture right before going to bed. Available in 125mg, 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg per 1 ounce bottle.

CBD Infused Muscle Salve

This is an amazing tin of muscle pain relief. Our small size is perfect for your gym bag. To get the best results when using Mahoney Limited CBD Infused Muscle Salve, rub it in right at the point of pain. Give it more than just a quick pass, rub it in until it’s all absorbed. It is important to know how to use CBD Products effectively. In this case, the secret is to rub it in well. Use this salve for pulled muscles, back pain, stiff neck,  in other words, anywhere your muscles hurt. Available in Regular and Travel Size.

CBD Infused Bath Soak

If you have a regular size bath tub, a half cup is perfect. If you have a jetted or whirlpool tub, they’re usually larger, so add another 1/4 to 1/2 cup. Fill your bath with comfortably warm/hot water and add Mahoney Limited CBD Infused Bath Soak. Think spa. Soak for at least 20 minutes. It’s important to use CBD products effectively. When it comes to this Spa Soak, 20 minutes is long enough to absorb all the goodness and effectiveness in this product. While you’re soaking, lift your arm up….and you’ll notice light drops of water clinging to it. That’s a snapshot of how this CBD Infused Bath Soak is moisturizing you all over, infusing your skin with calming CBD and organic essential oils. When you’re done, pat dry and snuggle into bed for your best nights’ sleep.  Ahhhhhh….

In addition, our CBD Infused Bath Soak comes in 2 choices:

Spa   – With Lavender, Spearmint  & Cedar Organic Essential Oils

Lavender/Mint.  -With  Lavender & Peppermint Organic Essential Oils

Roll-On CBD

There are certain places on your body where things are absorbed more easily.

Above your eyebrows.

In front of your ears.

In back of your ears.

Right under the bottom of your ears, down onto your throat.

At the back of your head, near the top of your neck.

On the inside of your wrists.

To use Mahoney Limited CBD Infused Roll-On, roll on desired spot and gently rub in with your fingers, for instance, when you feel a headache coming on roll this product on right on your forehead, above your eyes.

CBD Infused Night Cream

Wash your face well, pat dry. Apply a small amount of Mahoney Limited CBD Infused Night Cream on your hands and cover your face and neck. Massage lightly into your skin. Apply nightly before bed, similarly, use in the morning before applying makeup.

Lip Balm

Smooth our Lip Balm on your lips. When combined with Mahoney Limited CBD infused Tincture, Muscle Salve and Nourishing Night Cream, you will experience yourself surrounded and warmed through with the essence of CBD plus organic essential oils and the knowledge that you are, in reality, taking care of yourself. Nice!

After that…..after all of this self-care, you’re ready to do what you do best……take care of those who depend on you and live a fuller, richer life with less pain and more inner calm.